Women Who: Jackie Cummins of J21 Coaching

Women Who: Jackie Cummins of J21 Coaching
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If you have been to some of the many social and professional networking events in Birmingham, by now you have probably met Jackie Cummins. 

A successful business coach and trainer, Jackie is an expert fundraiser who has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes. City&Style catch up with Jackie to hear more about her journey to becoming a fully fledged entrepreneur.

What inspired you to start your own business?

My father had a really successful business for many years and he was always my knowledge guru and inspiration and I am very business savvy which is a great reason!

In the first year of running your enterprise, how did you build your clientele?

Through an existing contacts portfolio and by mixing within the right networking circles both in Birmingham & London

How important is networking and are you a member of any networks?

Networking is instrumental for getting your brand out there and getting support to promote your services from like-minded and well connected people and yes I am a part of a few networking groups.

What has been your biggest challenge in running a business full time?

Time has been my biggest challenge and fitting in meetings, follow up calls, administrative duties, attending launches and follow up on training opportunities, managing all my online social media and contacting clients and researching! Without any PA or admin assistance this has been incredibly challenging with early mornings and late nights!

How do you find balance in raising a family and running a business?

I am pretty good at balancing my career and family anyway. I have a super home life which is loving and fun! My Daughters are in their late teens and mid-twenties and my husband has a busy career and a property business also, but somehow we all seem to manage our diaries well and ensure we have quality time outside of the demands of the business schedule.

What are the three most important factors in running a successful enterprise?

They would have to be drive, passion and tenacity, also having clear and concise goals, being results and outcomes driven for your clients, so that they gain successful results and spread the word about your superb reputation. Also cultivating long term relationships with individual clients and companies.

What skills did you gain before starting J21 coaching that have helped you on your journey?

I am a fully qualified Magistrate and Fundraising Manager (Institute of Fundraising). I have worked with professionals within the Airline Industry for 11 years, I am skilled in generating income and delivering presentations to potential corporate supporters of four charities that I worked with. I have mentored trustees and management within charitable sectors, worked with individuals and professionals alike to work through business challenges and career and relationship changes and dilemmas. I am also a qualified Life Coach with Noble Manhattan and hold Journalism qualifications.

What role does social media play in your business?

It’s a superb platform for engaging with companies and high net worth individuals who want to know more about me and my brand, which is free advertising and a magnet for attracting potential clients.  Consistency is really important for building trust from your target audience. Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook can provide such a valuable arena for targeting specific business and establishing new working relationships.

What are your core services?

We provide a range of coaching and mentoring services for individuals and SME’s, within our range of services our key areas are Business, Career and Relationship – We work through a programme of support and tailor this to a client’s needs.  We offer packages that will help overcome short term and long term issues thus working towards clear and concise goals towards either a brighter and happier future and also increased profitability and sustainability for companies working within a double dip recession.

What do you love about being your own boss?

I love the flexibility of managing a work-life balance and the freedom to take full responsibility for my actions and planning for the future growth of J21coaching. It has opened up a whole new exciting opportunity for David (my business partner) and myself to utilise all of our varied and complimentary skillsets for the benefit of our clients.  It will be so rewarding to reach, empower and motivate a wider target audience.

You appear regularly on Birmingham’s professional and social scene, what do you like to do when your not working?

I really enjoy dining out with my husband and business partner David Dougan. I love trawling round stately homes as I have a passion for architecture, I enjoy lunching with daughters and friends, love the cinema, networking with fabulous people, city visits in UK and Europe, facials, spa treatments and reading!

What does the future hold for J21 Coaching?

I totally believe that the future holds an amazing and exciting journey for this new and dynamic business.  David and I are already working extremely hard rolling out the brand and getting people familiar to our brand and services. We are really close to some superb breakthroughs and are already connected to some high net worth individuals and well known brands that are very keen to work in partnership with us for the long term benefit and growth of the businesses.


To find out more about the services Jackie offers please visit www.j21coaching.com

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